Another alien sighting has been making the rounds online. Alien enthusiasts claim that the two or three unidentified objects spotted on a live broadcast of astronauts working on the International Space Station (ISS) are most likely of alien origin.

The video was shot by a Russian astronaut using a GoPro while outside the space station. He was with two other astronauts.

According to alien hunters, the Russian astronaut was startled when the unidentified objects appeared. Scott C Waring, editor of, uploaded the video on YouTube on Sept. 1. The video has been seen by more than 21,000 viewers.

Waring writes on his site, “When the Russian astronaut sees the two-three UFOs fly in front of him as he holds the GoPro camera, he totally loses it and fumbles to the right trying to pull away from the UFOs and keep his balance. Also, notice the two brighter UFOs get frightened by his sudden movement and they both make a 135 degree sharp turn and head downward. Kinda cool, and impossible for a floating piece of debris to preform, but easy for a living creature or alien drone to do.”

According to skeptics, the objects are most likely space debris or dust that have caught the sunlight. However, Waring insists that the footage proves the existence of alien life, adding: “I quickly spotted many white entities moving about. I say entities, not UFOs, because they looked small, drone size, but others were tiny…bee sized and a few zigzagged which should be impossible in space for a non iving or non-controlled object. Thus, they were evidence of life. There are only two small clips of these white UFOs in this video below, then the last 6-7 minutes is dedicated to the Russian display of the Olympic Torch, which kinda looks like a Klingon bat’leth.”