Thursday, September 29, 2016

UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Spaceship Found In Malaysia?

UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Spaceship Found In Malaysia?


A video footage shows an enormous object flying over a remote village in Malaysia. According to alien hunters, the object, which looks like a giant spaceship, is most likely of alien origin.

The video was taken by locals near Kuala Krai this week. Onlookers sound shocked and worried as the alleged spaceship passed over them.

The anonymous Malaysian blogger who shared the video says, “There’s no doubt what you see on the video. Everybody who saw the ship is convinced by what it is. It’s such a remote location that they hardly see airplanes there, definitely not space ships. But there’s a big difference and anyone can tell the difference. Some people say the clip has been edited and faked but it looks real. It’s clearly not a military aircraft or a commercial airliner.”


Malaysian authorities argue that the video is most likely fake. A spokesman for the police told the local media that they did not receive any report of the incident.

In another case, alien hunters also claimed that NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured a footage of an alien spacecraft flying over Jupiter. The video can be viewed on YouTube.

The incident occurred on July 6. The mysterious object apparently hovered over Jupiter for a few minutes before disappearing. However, like other alleged UFO sightings, the object was believed to be created by CGI.

Another UFO has also been recently spotted in Siberia. However, the object was later determined to be a very rare phenomenon.

A giant fireball was caught on camera by Roman Tregubov outside Novosibirsk, Siberia’s largest city. Scientists confirm that fireballs exist but they remain unexplained.

Tregubov, a graduate of the Novosibirsk State Technical University was shocked at first. He was in awe once he realized that the object they once thought as alien is actually a fireball or ball of lightning, which has only been seen by a lucky few.


  • Jorge Ortiz

    That’s old and fake. Come on, do some research before posting this crap, please!?!

  • wiljose

    this is a fake one, as it is seen flying in b/w coconut trees.

  • Just another fake, which only reinforces the contempt that many people throughout our world already have for ‘UFOs.’ But for those who would seriously like to get to the bottom of the alien intelligence mystery, it can be done. It won’t be done immediately. and it’s not a simple endeavor. Read UFOs-WHERE FROM HERE. It’s not fantasy; it’s not fiction. For serious minds, it’s the place to start.

    • Jeffrey Pickering

      My very thoughts Fred’.

      My wife and I witnessed two orbs approach each other last year in broad daylight, at midday and clearly under intelligent control. They rotated around each other for some three minutes and then parted in opposite directions accelerating enormously.

      They were at around 5,000′, far above the height of ‘pastime drones’ with no con’ trails and absolutely silent.

      I am a retired aviator and this is not the only sighting to which I have been privileged over the years.

      It’s a great shame so much time is wasted on articles which are so obviously fake.

      The clouds are clearly a ‘background’, the voices dubbed and for heaven’s sake no pilot in his, or her right mind would perform such a stunt at near ‘ground zero’!

      Why would an advanced alien?

      I think someone is stuck in a ‘time warp’…

      • Thanks, Jeffrey, for your reply. The stigma of openly discussing ‘UFOs’ is fading. Credible people are taken seriously. Let’s hope that world leaders will soon have the political courage to follow suit. It is the greatest of all human mysteries. And the greatest of all human frontiers. Best!

  • Kristian Kolby

    The other day i saw a circular UFO getting bigger and bigger fast, then all went black!
    The dude at the ER suggested it was a baseball, the stitches printed on my forehead were evidence he claimed.