UFO sightings 2016 listed yet another observation. The latest video of an unidentified flying object seen in the skyline of Auckland, New Zealand created an online frenzy among fanatics. Would it provide proof of aliens visiting the earth?

The whole incident was caught on video last August 2 right about sunset. Apparently, the position of the setting sun offers the optimum conditions to see UFOs. YouTube user UFO – fan uploaded it online on August 5. However, in addition to the image of the UFO, the video seemed to suggest an explosion. Thus, it raised the interest  of UFO hunters even more. A number of viewers suggested the bright lights were the ship’s thrusters acting up.

Yet theories also hinted at the possible involvement of another aircraft. Skeptics surmised it could have been an airplane due to the proximity of the Auckland Airport. The Miami Airport was the recent location of one of the UFO sightings 2016. However, it turned out to be false. Thus, could the NZ UFO sighting be a similar case? On the other hand, was there an attempt to hide evidence of the supposed UFO? Other viewers posited that an attempt to shoot down the UFO might explain the bright lights shown in the video.

NASA was reportedly behind a recent cover up of another alleged alien UFO sighting. The image of the unidentified flying object supposedly came into view of the International Space Station’s camera during a live-streaming feed. Many posited that the space agency deliberately cut off the camera last July 9. Despite the plausible reasons offered by NASA for the incident, UFO hunters maintained their stance regarding the object’s alien origin.

YouTube user UFO – fan uploaded a second version of the Auckland New Zealand UFO. The latest video offers a side-by-side comparison of the actual shot versus a zoomed-in view. It also provided a negative-color view. It further showed the difference between the object and an airplane flying in the sky. Thus, it seemed to provide viewers with enough proof to consider it as one more of the UFO sightings 2016. Latest UFO Sighting reported an earlier sighting in March at Tauranga Bay of Plenty.

Watch the latest UFO sightings 2016 in New Zealand from YouTube user UFO – fan.