Alien hunters have spotted yet another UFO. This time, they claim that they saw an alien base on a crater called Tycho, which is one of the most prominent craters that can be found on the moon.

According to UFO hunter Mark Sawalha, the images taken by NASA of the moon’s surface reveal an antenna located on the roof of an alien base. The base could be located underground and use minerals from the moon.

Sawalha says the space agency knows of an alien base located on the moon but refuses to disclose it to the public. He adds that this may explain why NASA has not sent any manned mission to the moon since the Apollo missions.


The unidentified object on the moon was seen in three images taken by the 1967 Orbiter that were sent back to the agency. Other conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts describe the object sticking out of the crater as spike-like and shiny.

UFO enthusiasts believe that the structures were most likely built to accommodate docking of the aliens’ huge spaceships.

Others believe that the alien base is abandoned. This could help NASA with their research about space.

“If this is an abandoned alien base, the Streetcap1 may have just found the perfect location for the next NASA mission,” says UFO expert Scott C Waring. “Imagine an entire base of structures 5-7 miles across. It would be a crime not to utilise such a useful waypoint in space that could save humanity from extinction.”

Sawalha believes that alien life actually exists but the space agency is trying its best to hide any evidence from the public.

As expected, scientists claim that the object found on the crater is simply another crater. According to Nigel Watson, the author of UFO investigations Manual, the spike-like object protruding from the crater could have been the result of the shadows from a hill with steep banks.