Are you still waiting for an official confirmation on the Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm rematch? Well, Dana White never fails to excite the fans. White feels that fans are itching to know about the potential rematch and he finally commented on the issue.

The Movie Pilot quoted White as saying, ”If we didn’t make the Holm/Rousey rematch, me and [UFC chairman] Lorenzo [Fertitta] would have to lose our promoter’s license. That’s next.” Did he actually say that? So, is it on?

The sport is definitely growing under Dana White as he keeps himself involved in all aspects of UFC and dedicates himself by making sure that the fans as well as the players are happy.

As per earlier reports, there are every possibilities that the former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey would fight the current title-holder Holly Holm to take back the crown.

Prior to Rousey’s fight against Holm, Rolling had quoted Rousey saying “But after this fight, I’m definitely going to let some people miss me, for sure. Believe me, there’s nothing I would like to do more than disappear for a while. I would like to wait until UFC 200 to fight again. I’m going to be filming [movies] in the meantime, so I’m still going to be keeping busy.” This might suggest that Rousey wants to remain off-grid for now.

The International Business Times had earlier reported that the possible rematch is likely to happen next spring as Rousey has been given a six-month medical suspension by the UFC which will stand unless she passes a head CT scan.

She cannot fight in the next 60-days and is currently unattached with the training facilities. However, UFC president Dana White assures that there is a possible rematch between the two.

We have to wait for the official date and other details regarding the fight. White’s enthusiasm is certainly helping in keeping a tap on the expectations of the fans.