UFC Fighter Josh Samman passed away on Wednesday after being in a coma since last week. He was discovered in his apartment unresponsive with a friend who also passed away. He died at 28 years old.

After being found in the apartment and taken to the hospital, police speculated on possible drug overdose as the reason behind the two men’s conditions. Different reports say that this may be his cause of death as well.

However, according to the report of Mail Online, Samman’s mother confirmed to FOX Sports that there was no heroin found in the former UFC fighter’s body system. She insists that there was no foul play on the death of Samman and his friend Troy Kirkingburg.

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On the day Samman and his friend Kirkingburg were found in his apartment, Kirkingburg was declared dead by the police and emergency services who responded in the incident.

As per the report of MMA Fighting, Samman’s cause of death remains unknown due to the pending autopsy which is yet to take place in his body. According to Craig Mallak, Chief Medical Examiner of Broward County Medical Examiner and Trauma Services, the Medical Examiner’s office will not administer a toxicology report. This is because Samman was able to survive for days after being found in his apartment.

“There are no suitable specimens to test,” Mallak said. For this, there might not be a definitive cause of death found. However, Kirkingburg’s cause of death will be determined after a toxicology report. Kirkingburg also died at 28 years old.

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Samman had past issues with drug addiction, and was suicidal due to tragedies in his life. This angle is also being looked at. His girlfriend, Hailey Bevis, died in a car accident back in 2013. This made Samman devastated and he experienced so much guilt over the woman’s death. Reports say that they were texting when she got into the accident.

The fighter’s family and UFC are mourning the loss of Samman. Manager Gary Ibarra confirmed the tragic news of his death to American media on Monday.