The UFC 205 fight for Nov. 12 has been set between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor. With the fight expected to draw a huge crowd, McGregor has declared that he has set his sights on dethroning footballer Cristiano Ronaldo from the top of Forbes highest paid list. He also said that Alvarez should have asked for more money to fight him.

“He didn’t even negotiate new money for himself, “ said McGregor. “Everyone in the game wants this fight. This is the lottery fight, and this man took it on his last contract. Imagine that,” he continued, as both fighters appeared in the UFC-organized press event. TMZ shared a clip from the interview, where McGregor could be seen working up the crowd.

Later in the interview, McGregor was asked about his financial expectations after UFC 205. He said that he’s expecting to earn approximately US$40 million by the end of 2016. “It’s been a damn good year,” he said.

Unfortunately for McGregor, $40 million is a big improvement from his earnings from last year but it’s not even half of what his friend Cristiano Ronaldo is making. Earlier this year, McGregor met with Ronaldo in Las Vegas where the Irishman spoke about dethroning the Real Madrid star from the top of Forbes list of highest paid athletes. Ronaldo currently sits on top with US$88 million in estimated earnings.

TMZ also shared a video of the encounter, where the two athletes spoke about private jets and pop superstar Jennifer Lopez. “Next year I will get you,” said McGregor, as the two men discussed their positions in the Forbes list. He also told Ronaldo that he wants to get his own private jet.


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Despite the friendly competition between the two, there appears to be no bad blood. Ronaldo even took to his own Instagram account to share a photo from the encounter. With Cristiano Ronaldo appearing to be the favorite to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or again, McGregor still has a long way to go before he can dethrone the footballer, even if he wins in UFC 205.