MMA fans in Melbourne may have to book flights to Sydney for the UFC 2016 events if conservatives using their columns are to decide on the matter.

In an article, MMA Fighting slammed Herald Sun’s Susie O’Brien for her views calling MMA a ‘bloody sport.’

“It’s nothing more than a dangerous form of sadistic voyeurism that feeds off the injuries sustained by others. This is not sport. It’s a bloodbath that glorifies violence,” MMA Fighting quotes O’Brien.

O’Brien’s strongly worded piece comes after negotiations start for the next UFC event to be held in Australia.

In a cryptic tweet, Ronda Rousey seems to answer O’Brien’s damning piece with one word: gumption.

The last UFC event that headlined the epic UFC 193 bout between Rousey and Holm was staged in Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

Ronda Rousey broke to fame after her 16-second knockout. Her success was cut short when she lost to Holly Holm in the UFC 193 Melbourne fight.

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As UFC 2016 seeks to return again to Australia, Melbourne and Sydney are lobbying to host the matches, with both hoping Rousey is in the title fight.

President Dana White has already hinted Ronda Rousey is ready to be back. He has previously said Rousey may grace MMA’s debut in New York City but has since backtracked this, citing her readiness as an issue, Fox Sports reports.

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A UFC spokesperson has confirmed that “Sydney is ‘due’ for an event. A return to Melbourne in November 2016 would be ‘striking while the iron is hot’ off the back of the record-breaking UFC 193.”

Though the announcement regarding Ronda Rousey’s comeback fight is still pending, UFC 2016 in Australia is more than ready to welcome her back.

As the last UFC event brought in $102 million and a total of 894 jobs, and with Sydney getting to host four events compared to Melbourne’s single event, UFC sees Melbourne as an “underdeveloped” venue.