UFC 190: Ronda Rousey Scares LeBron James? Might ‘Kick my Butt’ Says LBJ

LeBron James is a basketball king and there’s nothing he’s scared of on court. But off court, it’s a different story. As a matter of fact, a woman is causing LBJ major intimidation.

On Tuesday, LeBron did a short Q&A with his fans. During the “ask me anything” session, he was sent thousands of questions, but one stood out among the list that had LBJ not only answering the query but revealing a secret.

One fan asked how long LeBron will last in the ring with UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, and his answer was too interesting.

“As long as she wanted me to last. I wanted to introduce myself to her at the ESPYs but didn’t want her to kick my butt,” James tweeted.

While his 6’8, 250 lbs frame will be an obvious size advantage against Rousey’s 5’7 body, the four-time MVP will definitely be no match to UFC champ’s MMA skills. Especially, since Ronda has yet to experience defeat in her pro MMA career.

Acknowledging LBJ’s revelation, Rousey retweeted the post to her 1.17 million Twitter followers, but she hasn’t commented on LeBron’s reply. And we understand why.

Rousey is set to defend her Bantamweight title against undefeated fighter, Bethe Correia, on Saturday, August 1 (August 2 in Australia) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The fight has in the works for over a year now, and finally, the two undefeated fighters will finally face each other.

In the weeks leading to the fight, Correia has made it clear that she is confident Rousey will experience defeat this weekend.

“Every athlete has weaknesses. There’s no perfect fighter. For every attack, there’s a counterattack or defense,” the Brazilian mixed martial artists told MMA Junkie.

As for Rousey, she’s too sure she’ll beat Bethe. So much so that she has planned out her entire year after her imminent victory.

“Here’s pretty much the plan, I’m going to beat up Bethe, then I’m going to take a couple of weeks to rest, and then I’m going to go beat up Miesha [Tate], and then I’m going to go to like Thailand or wherever we decide to film (“Mile 22”) and prep for like a month, and then start filming for like eight to 10 weeks, and then go beat up the next chick,” Fox Sports noted.

UFC 190: Rousey vs Correia will be available on Pay-Per-View.

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