UFC 190 Preview: Rousey vs Correia Trash Talk is Epic!

The trash talking between UFC women fighters seems to beat any cutting words made by their male counterparts in the sport.

In the weeks leading up to their much awaited UFC 190 duel, Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia — mostly the latter — have been trading talk downs that are too interesting too ignore — MMA fan or not.

Most books have called the fight a sure win for the UFC Champion, but Correia seems confident she will be having the bantamweight belt by the end of their August 1 bout in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

“Every athlete has weaknesses. There’s no perfect fighter. For every attack, there’s a counterattack or defense… I’m not afraid to be taken down – that is, in case I get taken down.” the Brazilian mixed martial artists told MMA Junkie.

The fighter also added that she thinks Rousey’s past opponents are “more complete” than the champ, but the marketing and hyper surrounding her has caused her opponents to feel inferior and anxious.

“I do think anxiety has negatively affected her opponents…I think the fans and the media portray Ronda as superior to everyone else. That affects people psychologically. Her opponents stepped into the cage feeling inferior to her. It also helps boost Ronda’s self image,” Correia explained.

MMA Junkie noted that the challengers strong words have struck a chord with Rousey, especially after Correia brought up suicide in one of her snide remarks. The champion’s father committed suicide when she was just 8 years old after being paralyzed in a sledding accident.

“I would give her a rematch so she wouldn’t cry so much,” Correia said talking about her plan after winning the Bantamweight title, noted another MMA Junkie report.

“She can’t handle pressure. I will give her the opportunity to try and get the belt back. Please don’t kill yourself – don’t commit suicide, because I will give you the rematch.”

She also made hints about Rousey’s past, calling her “weak”.

“Under pressure, she is proven weak. When her mother put pressure on her, she ran away from home. When she lost, it was to drugs. She even suffered from a food compulsion. That’s not a superhero.”

As for Rousey, she promises to give her opponent a hard time, noting Bethe will not look like herself after the bout.

“If I make the fight fast, that means I like you…But with this next chick that I don’t like, it’s not going to be like that. She’s going to walk out looking different than she did walking in,” Rousey revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Not having an inch of worry, Rousey also seems to have everything planned for the year and next.

“Here’s pretty much the plan, I’m going to beat up Bethe, then I’m going to take a couple of weeks to rest, and then I’m going to go beat up Miesha [Tate], and then I’m going to go to like Thailand or wherever we decide to film [“Mile 22”] and prep for like a month, and then start filming for like eight to 10 weeks, and then go beat up the next chick,” Fox Sports noted.

It has earlier been revealed that whoever wins the Rousey vs Correia fight will face Tate for the title.

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