Though Australia is fast becoming a rideshare-friendly nation, not every state is fast-tracking it in the Uber way. Victoria still remains unmoved when it comes to regularizing Uber services in the state.

Industry observers note that Victoria is the only state in Australia that has been delaying the legalisation of Uber. Already NSW, WA, ACT and Tasmania have done it and ride-sharing services like UberX are operating smoothly.

However, pressure is mounting on Victoria’s Transport Minister Jacinta Allan to act early on the matter, reports Herald Sun.

According to The Australian, Victoria has not said no to Uber legalisation but keeps mulling that it “won’t be rushed” into regulating the ride-sharing service.

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan hinted that the government is working on a solution that could work well for Victoria.

“We will look closely at the package South Australia announced today but they are a different state, with a different industry structure and different regulatory requirements,” Allan told AAP.

She made clear that there is no question of any hasty decision and will not rush into a decision that is not workable for Victorian passengers.

However, the minister’s stand evoked criticism from Opposition transport spokesman David Hodgett.

“It has now been more than a year since the Andrews government’s review of the hire car industry began, and they are still refusing to release it to the public,” Hodgett made this statement according to an online report of MSN.

He warned that Victoria was falling behind on the issue while all other states have moved ahead.

“The governments of South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia and the ACT have all now embraced new technology and the opportunities it provides to solve transport issues in Australian cities,”’ Hodgett further added.

Victorian Sex Party MP Fiona Patten also warned that she will introduce a bill in parliament to force the government for an early decision. According to theageAustralia,  Patten hopes that the bill “will lift restrictions on ride-sharing services such as UberX.”

The Mashable, in a report, noted that Uber is not very happy with the pace of regularization in states with each of them forcing their own conditions.

Services such as UberX allowing people to drive their own cars to take passengers from A to B are within the limits of the Federal law.

Uber is hoping that Victoria will not emulate South Australia’s ridesharing regulations as a benchmark. The South Australian government became the latest region to legalise Uber services and its rules will take effect on July 1.