Two Australian students were shot during a drug deal in New Orleans and now police officers are searching for the three suspects involved in the incident.

One of the victims was shot in the chest while the other was shot in the stomach. The Australian students have been injured in the incident and are recovering, according to reports. The victims, who are West Australian university students, described the event to detectives and explained how one of the attackers warned them before firing bullets. “You know what time it is?” one of the attackers warned the young men. According to the ABC, the victims, Jake Rovacsek and Toben Clements, were in a bar located at Bourbon Street where they asked a stranger to purchase drugs from him.

They told detectives about how they left to go to the Algiers area by a car driven by a male driver. The area is considered as one of the most crime-ridden parts of New Orleans. Rovacsek and Clements are students of Curtin University and have competed in the Intercollegiate Mining Games from WA School of Mines Wombats team. They went to New Orleans for a vacation.

Police claimed that the male driver of their car told them on the way the cost of the drugs was worth several hundred dollars. The Australian students said they did not have that much money and left the car at LB Landry Avenue and Shepard Street. “The pair said they exited the vehicle and were approached by another unknown male who demanded their money,” the police statement said.

“When they told him they didn’t have it, the unknown male shot them both and then jumped in the vehicle with the unknown driver and fled the scene,” the police said.

Detectives have approached the local people for identification of the three suspects who were involved in the incident. New Orleans police spokesman Dave Baldie said that they were investigating the matter and were seeking CCTV footage. “We are trying to get surveillance video, but we don’t have anything like that,” Badie said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.