Twitter is going to train prosecutors to fight online abuse. They will be training prosecutors from England and Wales in the face of a big jump in domestic violence and sexual abuse cases linked to the Internet.

The Crown Prosecution service is engaging  experts from the site to help them handle internet crimes like revenge porn. The US-based social network would help it keep track of criminal activities like monitoring and stalking of victims using spy ware and GPS, reported The Guardian.

There is also a surge in cases of crime against women using social media. These crimes are basically sexual abuses ranging from rape, blackmailing and harassment. The perpetrators use theIinternet to contact the victims.

Jenny Hopkins, chief crown prosecutor and the CPS lead on violence against women, stated that the twitter experts would be brought to train prosecutors and help them update their online and digital skills and knowledge.

She further stated, “Social media is increasingly being used as a tool against women and I think it is really positive that Twitter is going to be training our lawyers in the months ahead.”

The decision has been taken as CPS is planning to publish their new guidelines on the emerging online abuse cases. The series of high profile crimes, where perpetrators have used different online platforms to contact the victims also reinforced the decision.

50-year-old Jason Lawrence used one such platform to contact thousands of women and ended up raping 5 victims and violently attacking two more. He posed as a respectable divorcee and father of three, reported Mail Online. He is now sentenced for these crimes and due to be jailed.

Nick Pickles, Twitter’s head of UK public policy, said that he hoped that the training would give the prosecutors a comprehensive knowledge about how these online abuse of women and crimes were carried out and how they can help the victims avoid them.

The social media site recently shut down the official account of Colombia’s rebel group ELN.