Twitter is celebrating its 10th birthday. The social media giant continues to be the most elite platform for celebrities, who keep updating their fans with tweets and hashtags.

There is hardly any other social networking website which allows users to get so much close to the celebrities. Here are some of the most famous tweets of previous years.

Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets After Oscar

The Revenant brought to Leo what no other movie could. His fans cheered like crazy as his name was announced as the Best Actor for 2016. Leo reached out to the team of the movie through Twitter.

The Celeb Selfie

If only Bradley Cooper’s arms were longer, there could have been more celebrities in one single frame. This selfie at the 2015 Oscars is arguably the most shared picture till date.

Obama’s Clock Boy

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed got into controversy after Texas police had arrested him for bringing a self-made clock in school. School authorities suspected it to be a bomb. US President Barack Obama invited Ahmed to the White House the same day when Texas police decided not to charge him, according to CNN.

Obama later tweeted about his reaction for the clock the teenager made on his own.

Obama Gets Reelected

This photo became viral after Obama was reelected as the president of the United States in 2012. This intimate image of the president and the first lady was shared more than 780,000 times.

In addition to tweets, there have been a number of hashtags which became incredibly popular. At times, those indicated the support for a cause, while those just meant to be “fun” in some other times.


This hashtag became hugely popular after the terrorist attack in Paris on January 7, 2015. The phrase was a creation by French art director Joachim Roncin. It became a sensation as people used it to show their support for freedom of speech. On the day of the massacre, this hashtag was used more than 6,000 times per minute.

Other popular hashtags include # Ferguson. The hashtag about the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case was used for 3.5 million times in less than one day.