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“Of Kings and Prophets” is an upcoming American television drama based on the Biblical Books of Samuel that is set to air on ABC on March 8.

The series is told through the eyes of the battle-weary King Saul (Ray Winstone), the prophet who has a strong belief in God, Samuel (Mohammad Bakri) and the young shepherd David (Olly Rix)

It can be called similar to “Game of Thrones” but with less scheming and fantasy. The King’s main task in the series is to unite the 12 tribes of Israel so they can do battle against the more powerful Philistines and his most powerful enemy would be David, a shepherd.

“There’s a touch of “Dynasty” to the proceedings, and more than a pinch of “The Tudors” to the show’s characterization of David as a lusty lady-killer whose self-confidence seems to border on self-delusion, particularly once the prophet Samuel (Mohammad Bakri) discreetly anoints him God’s chosen one,” states Boston Globe

The dialogues of the series will take you to the Shakespearian era. Talking about Women of Saul’s court, Simone Kessell is outstanding and is largely embarrassed by King’s preference for concubines. Saul’s daughters — Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Michal and Jeanine Mason as Merav — are the other women in the story. They do not have much character depth though. All this makes viewers difficult to stick around the show for a long time.

“Fundamentally, this story is one of the greatest stories in world literature. And it’s about a very unlikely hero, a shepherd named David from the corner of the kingdom, who has a kind of self-assurance and will to go for greatness, to ascend in life” .

“And I think the show in general is an examination of how we utilize faith in our lives, what higher powers we feel responsible to,” executive producer Chris Brancato told  the ABC.

The epic is  filmed in South Africa’s Cape Town.