Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tutankhamun Dagger Made by Aliens? Scientists Discover It Came from Space

Tutankhamun Dagger Made by Aliens? Scientists Discover It Came from Space


Aliens made the pyramids – is often what conspiracy theorists love to prove. Well, this time around, something is indeed extraterrestrial. Science is backing it, too. The news maker is none other than one of the most mysterious characters of Egypt, Pharaoh (Egyptian King) Tutankhamun, and his dagger. Was his dagger made by aliens? Scientists found that it came from space. What is it?

In 1922, within the wrappings of Tutankhamun, who was mummified more than 3,300 years ago, archaeologist Howard Carter unearthed two daggers, one iron and the other with a blade of gold. The iron blade had a gold handle, rock crystal pommel and lily and jackal-decorated sheath. For decades, the iron blade one has baffled researchers, as Carter’s discovery say that ironwork was rare in ancient Egypt. Moreover, the metal had not rusted, reports The Guardian.

A team of researchers along with experts from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo examined the weapon. With the development in scanning technology, especially the usage of non-invasive, portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, it was proved that the blade’s iron came from a meteorite. The regular iron has 4% nickel, whereas the blade has 11% nickel, hinting that meteoric iron was used.

Pharahoh Tutankhamun Dagger:
Pharaoh Tutankhamun Dagger: Image Courtesy

‘Meteoric iron is clearly indicated by the presence of high percentages of nickel,’ stated Daniela Comelli of the Physics department of Milan Polytechnic.

Tutankhamun has been one of the most interesting subjects for researchers.  In 1922, his tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings by Howard Carter after years of painstaking persistence. This discovery is counted as the most significant archaeological find of the century. Tutankhamun’s outstanding treasures turned into a yardstick for all future archaeological findings. There had been many mysteries revolving around Tutankhamun’s life and death, and with this discovery, these puzzles were solved gradually.

However, there are more to unfold about his saga and many new theories are being tried to find out what really happened to the teenage king behind the golden mask. This new twist in his dagger also titillated many thoughts.

Is there any alien angle to his death? What do you think? Do comment below.

  • Mallu

    Good One Ishi..There has always been theories around Aliens involvement in building the pyramids…with no modern machineries, moving stones blocks of that huge size and weight is impossible…. lot of other circumstantial evidences prove existence of aliens. …. Hope to see one soon…now that we are seeking to enter Mars as aliens ourselves

  • santanahell

    One more revelation by scientists about this controversial character . The Egyptian Kings and their tales are much more than just chapters of history. Would love to get more updates on it

  • Bulbuli Solo

    Though Tutankhamen died thousands years back, his life story is one of the mysteries from the ancient era. Now this will add one more series to it. Quite an interesting topic to follow.

  • Capt.Vijay Hatekar

    Egypt is always mysterious place and always fascinated me wrt their history…I always find all these archeologist who are very smart people , with just a code language they write historic events and connect it…I do not agree with alien theory..I think we should give credit to ancient Egyptian intelect rather than any failure to understand subject labelling as Alien interference..