Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Billy Shorten have been to different parts of Sydney to inspect damage by Tasmania flood. Both have sent messages of support to flood victims.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Turnbull visited Picton, southwest of Sydney. Picton has witnessed the worst devastation of storms.  Shorten who was campaigning in Adelaide, on the other hand, visited the beachside suburb of Coogee. Both the leaders agreed on the natural disaster relief package, as per SBS. The package is supported by NSW government. The package is for households, councils and businesses, devastated by storms, for repair work.

Turnbull also said that he was sure that insurers will help the people of hardest hit communities, stated He said, “This is very substantial storm damage.”

But, both the leaders showed their differences on 800 professional Country Fire Authority firefighters demand of a better pay. Turnbull has supported CFA which said that the demand has unlawful clauses. However, Turnbull fears that the firefighters who are helping in the rescue operations in flood affected areas can resign over the deal. He has pledged that if re-elected he would change the Fair Work Act.

The Australian quoted Shorten during his visit to Coogee saying, “I want to acknowledge the volunteers and the professionals that I have met, from the SES, from the club, from the police, from the fire department.”

“My thoughts though most importantly, are with the family members of people who they’ve lost. People have been lost to these terrible storms both on the mainland and in Tasmania, and there are more people missing,” he said.

Although, Shorten advised people to follow the warnings by authorities and not to drive in flood affected areas he has yet to announce his plans for the victims.

Notably, people are devastated by the Tasmania flood. One missing woman’s body has been found in her house while her husband was rescued earlier. Two other men are still missing. State Emergency Services has received hundreds of calls for assistance.