Elizabeth Quay, Western Australia’s prestigious water front has come under heavy attack from a senior Labor MP. In a scathing criticism of  the project, Labor MP Fran Logan called it a “trashy boganism.”  He said the project lacks class and is a drain on the state’s finances.

The MP compared the waterfront’s development to many other “boring” regeneration projects in Subiaco and East Perth. However, the Government dismissed the criticism. It said the public has been excited over it. It also highlighted the surging number of  visitors to the inlet.

“This is a one-in-100 year change,” Premier Colin Barnett said when he opened Elizabeth Quay, reports ABC News. The premier also hailed the inlet’s quality of work. He lavished praise on its design and the public art as “fantastic.”

But Logan was unflinching in his criticism. He reiterated that the development reflected poorly on Perth. “It says a lot about the people of Perth, it reflects us and what does it reflect? It reflects trashy boganism,” Logan added. He said there is no architectural merit and appeal in it.

Labor has been criticizing the project for a long time. They call it a “vanity” development. Labor also blamed the project for worsening the state’s finances.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Quay has become Perth’s brand new boating destination. The $440 million project has changed the face of Perth forever. For the first time, it is providing boaties the opportunity to visit the city through the Swan River. Elizabeth Quay has created a buzz of excitement from both locals and tourists alike, noted a press release.

But the project still has important work left. The private developments around it are yet to start.  The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority tender document said private development work can continue for another 15 years. Despite all criticism, the Western Australia government is optimistic on its viability. Nature play areas for children and BHP waterpark are drawing more and more visitors.