After its thumping success, Korean movie Train to Busan is now all set for a second installment. Yes, you read it right! The Train to Busan sequel is finally happening!

Britain observed an uncanny incident of a zombie man biting and assaulting a zombie woman on Sunday. The case was reported. However, later on, it was discovered that these people are two extras in zombie get up who tried to scare the hell out of the onlookers. Reports further revealed they were on their way back from filming a zombie horror series in Widnes. Are these two parts of Train to Busan? Is Britain the next stop for the Train to Busan sequel?

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Diane Holden, 56, and Steve Lowe, 60, caused quite a stir on Sunday evening after they were spotted on the M62 motorway (Northern England) on their way back from filming. Dressed in full costume, complete with piercing white contact lenses and fake blood, these two were allegedly biting each other, according to Manchester Evening News. Their strange act caught the attention of a member of the public and had Manchester police alert the department to track down the car.  The situation became funny when they found out that the zombie pair is from an upcoming horror zombie series. We really wonder which movie it is.

On the other hand, after earning the title of international blockbuster, Train to Busan has been picked for a second installment.  A major share of success goes to the cast and crew that managed to thrill the audience with the zombie apocalypse horror.  Speculations are rampant about the Train to Busan sequel. Why? It is because the franchise has not yet given away any solid details about their next project. It is even tough to speculate whether the Train to Busan sequel will carry forward the plot of its predecessor or have a completely new story.

Meanwhile, sources like iTech Post say that Descendants of the Sun lead actor Song Joo King will be the main protagonist in the Train to Busan sequel.  He will be replacing Gong Yo’s character from the first part. There is still no official word on this matter. The shooting location is also kept under wraps.

Two extras in zombie get up in Britain and the making of the Train to Busan sequel might be correlated. Since there is no solid information regarding the second part of Yeon Sang-ho’s zombie apocalypse horror film, it can be speculated that this time, the film has an international location for the production work. Henceforth, Britain could be the next zombie spot.

As of now, these are only our speculations so everything should be taken with a grain of salt until there is an official announcement about the Train to Busan sequel.