‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Plot: ‘Woody was a Jerk’ in Original Story


“Toy Story”, one of the most creative animated flicks that gave a boost to unimaginable fantasies during the mid 90s, has completed 20 years.

While the movie has been one of the most successful animated films in history, the story behind the making of this unprecedented animation series from Pixar is as interesting and surprising as the movie itself.

John Lasseter, President of Walt Disney animation Studios, alongwith computer scientist and President of Pixar animated studios, Ed Catmull, recently participated in a panel discussion at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The two relived the womderful memories during the making of the 1995 movie, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Jon Favreau, the director of “Iron Man”, played arbitrator in the discussion where he introduced both the parties, and even addressing Lasseter as his mentor, the site mentioned.

“Woody”, the protagonist of the “Toy Story” series who is a funny egoistic cowboy dominating the bunch of other toys, was initially not what he appears to be in the movie.

According to Cinemablend, the cowboy was a forlorn character who does not connect to his counterparts much. In Lasseter’s words, “Woody was a jerk” and the plot was quite adult which was disapproved by the executives from Disney.

The whole drawing board had to be rewritten so as to create characters and a plot that appeals to all age groups. The new story was written and was not only loved by the Disney executives, but globally loved by the audience.

Woody is a cowboy who has adapted the style of popular Academy Award winner, cowboy John Wayne of the 1940s. Woody is considered to be one of the most loved Pixar characters of all time. The cowboy language he speaks in Tom Hanks’ voice, his Sheriff attitude and the jealousy he portrays towards another significant toy, Buzz Lightyear, makes him a complete package worthy enoughto enthrall the audience.

The forthcoming installment of the series, “Toy Story 4”, is expected to hit the screens on June 16, 2017.

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