Top NBA 2015 Stars Who May Star in ‘Space Jam 2’

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Rumors about a “Space Jam” reboot has been circulating around the Internet for months now. While there has been no confirmation if the movie will ever come to fruition, there have already been names tossed up in the air on may be a perfect fit to join the sequel.

Here are some of the NBA players that have showed their interest in joining the basketball-centric movie.

The feisty, deceptive and one of the shortest players in the NBA, Isaiah Thomas, could replace Muggsy Bogues in “Space Jam 2.” Well, he certainly knows how to use his “disadvantage” with a chip in his shoulders, as posted by Fox Sports.

Thomas could be the possible replacement for the for the former Charlotte Hornets star as his height is believed to provide a good laugh every once in a while and is well aware of his self and ability. He is a better scorer and passer, and far more efficient than Bogues, sources add.

Thomas took on his microblogging handle to share his views on the possible sequel to the Michael Jordan movie.

The Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin, has also expressed his interest to star in “Space Jam 2”.

While talking to Yahoo Sports on whether he would like to be in the “Space Jam” sequel, Blake revealed, “Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I’d love to be involved in any capacity, really. ‘Space Jam’ was a huge part of my childhood. I actually had a ‘Space Jam’-themed birthday party as a teen.”

“I think it would be a lot of fun. If you told me when I was 8 years old that I could possibly have a chance to be in ‘Space Jam 2,’ it would have blown my mind. That would just be like another check off the bucket list.”

The 1996 hit film, “Space Jam”, saw Michael Jordan don a “Tune Squad” uniform to rescue Looney Tunes. Hype for a possible sequel gained momentum when Lebron James signed a long term deal with Warner Bros back in July. Sources report that the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar hopes to “do some great things” with “Bugs and Daddy and Tasmanian Devil and every last one of them”.

However, there is no official word from Warner Bros yet, but the signing of Lebron James could a possible indication towards towards the upcoming film.

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