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Top Aide to Marco Rubio Urges Voters to Support Kasich, Stop Trump

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Alex Conant, a top aide to Senator Marco Rubio, insisted his supporters in Ohio to support Governor John Kasich in the state’s primary on Tuesday. The remarks made by the top aide and the strategy proposed by Mitt Romney fit together.

Romney, who was a Republican nominee in 2012, requested Republicans to deny Trump’s nomination by uniting the leading non-Trump candidate in future contests, says The New York Times.

While making his statement on Friday, Conant provided new efforts to stop Donald J. Trump. In an interview he said that he expected supporters of Kasich and of Senator Ted Cruz would support Rubio in his home state primary in Florida.

“If you are a Republican primary voter in Ohio and you want to defeat Donald Trump, your best chance in Ohio is John Kasich,” the top aide said.

“……he’s very close to Donald Trump in some of the polls there.”

Rubio also voiced the sentiment, but he did not take it to the extent of insisting his supporters to back Kasich in Ohio. “Clearly John Kasich has a better chance of winning Ohio than I do,” Rubio said.

He stated that it is for the Ohioans to decide if voting Kasich would be the best way to stop Trump. He also said that Kasich would argue whether Rubio’s supporters should vote for him.

Kasich’s campaign is certain of its position. It showed no interest in the favourable comments made by the aide, says Politico.

“We were going to win in Ohio without his help, just as he’s going to lose in Florida without ours,” said Kasich campaign spokesman Rob Nichols.

However, Cruz laughingly dismissed the whole strategy. According to him the strategy is Washington’s last puff to divide things up and play games.

Jeb Bush met the three outstanding GOP contenders, who were trying to stop Trump on Wednesday and Thursday, in Miami.

Trent Duffy, another Kasich spokesman, said that they welcome the support of the Rubio campaign. But according to him the attempt to tell voters what to do is quite “presumptuous.”

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