As much as we love being independent, there are certain things we all suffer at one point in life. That is, we tend to misuse our hard earned money in some way or the other without even realizing it. The ways are simple, the solutions are simple, too.

Here are top 10 ways you can waste money without realising it.

1. Grocery Shopping

If you don’t have a list made beforehand, and if you have ample time at hand, you are sure to waste extra cash. Supermarkets are made to trick you. They have all those “1/2 price” compartments right in front of you. They have large spaces in between the aisles. So that you can browse around, taking enough time to check on nearly every item on the shelves. And that is where you spend additional money. You are tempted to buy those frozen pizza on sale for $3. The bottles of pasta sauces have offers ‘buy any 3 for $5, save $1’. Or the shampoo & conditioner on reduced price for a limited trial period. And off goes your money!

2. Shopping on Sales

This is another trick we fall victims to. Especially us, ladies. Walking around the mall to buy the necessities, when all of a sudden, our eyes fall on the huge sign that says ‘sale! Buy for $5. Lasting only 30 minutes.’ And the first thing that comes to mind is, “only $5 for a top that actually costs $25? It’s a big win!” Sadly, it is not. You are not only wasting $5, you are not actually stopping at buying one top for yourself, especially at that rate. So, it seems that at least $15 to $20 are gone off your wallet.

3. Shopping Brand Names

Buying brand names don’t necessarily involve clothing lines only. They imply commodities starting from laundry detergents, food brands, to every other item. The ingredients are important here. If you see the components of the local items are same as the branded ones, why waste extra? If the elements match, they will work equally well. This way, you can save a lot of money.

4. Bulk Shopping

One of the most effective ways to save money is to buy things in bulk, especially the groceries and the food items, right? Wrong. Buying in bulk may help you to save few cash, but that saving will go down the drain as soon as those many items go stale. Fresh vegetables need to be eaten within couple of days. Since they don’t have expiry dates, they tend to waste faster. If you have too many of the stuffs in your fridge, you’ll eventually need to throw them away once they start to discolour and have foul smells. This applies to all other excess products you buy in bulk and are unable to finish them in time.

5. When you stop servicing your car

Many of us believe that since the car is running smoothly, there is no point in servicing it. Do you know that even if your car is all prim and proper, you should take it to the car-docs every 6 months? In that way, you can get to know the tiniest problem, fix it, and can save heaps of money. How? By not mounting up the problems and getting to repair it at the last moment.

6. Too much on electricity bills

Electricity consumes a lot of money if not properly utilised. Switching on the light in the room when you are not there, turning on the AC even if the room is cool enough, or switching on the lights when there is appropriate amount of day lights outside, eventually scales up to a big bill. If you are absent from the room even if it’s for couple of minutes, switch off the lights/ fan. Use the laundry once your basket is to the brim. Pull out the plugs if you are not using that device. This can help you to a decent electricity bill.

7. Tech deals

The tech companies know us well enough to throw all these deals our way. Starting from mid year sales, seasonal sales, must-get-out-of-stock sales, to the year end sales, the discounts are quite scrumptious, to be honest. Once you fall into the trap, they will further tempt you with the offer of ‘extend your warranty by 2 more years by paying extra $100’. If you want to stick to your budget, then don’t go for the additional charges. Stick to what you wanted to buy in the first place.

8. Hungry while shopping? Let’s buy some snacks!

This kind of happens to me every time I am out shopping. Be it the aroma venting out from the restaurants, or simply the enticing of the supermarket bakeries, we sort of buy those munchies while hopping around the malls. If you want to save some 15 odd dollars, don’t buy those treats. Go shopping with full stomach, it will help you from save some cash!

9. Purchasing unnecessary household items

With the range of products calling you to buy them, it is, sometimes, difficult to say no to them. For example, if you are having bad hair days, and want to resolve the matter, you seek aid in those products promising you to a beautiful hair by the end of one week’s use. Or, you want a spick and span house. You buy varieties of cleaning products that will make your house look brand new. Spending money on those kinds of items are not worth it. You can find easy lifehacks on the internet. There are many home-made ways to take care of your hair. Try them, and don’t waste.

10. A messy you

Trust me, a messy you can be an expensive you too. If you don’t know where you are keeping your important things, it can cost you a lot. For example, the other day, I lost the receipt to a tablet I bought and wanted to change it for a better one (I still had my one year warranty). But, thanks to my messiness, I failed to find it. Thus, I had to buy another new one. And it can happen to anything, valuable, non-valuable. If you lose an earring, you won’t be able to wear the only available one, right? Or worst, if you lose your keys, then what?

We just need to be a bit alert, a bit organised, and a bit of thinking to save ourselves from wasting money without even realising it!