Leap Day is next week. Do you already know how you’re going to spend it? Below, we round up the things you can do to make the most out of this year’s extra day.

1. Leap into trying to understand what Leap Day is all about.

Every four years, our calendar gets an added day. A typical year only has 365 days. A leap year like 2016 gets 366. Haven’t you ever wondered why? The Conversation provides an explanation for this phenomenon.

2. Leap into great deals.

Some shops, like Ikea, celebrate February’s 29th day by holding sales. On Monday, you can get a 29% discount on 229 Ikea products.

3. Leap-lings! Do not forget to greet a “leapling!”

Leaplings are people whose birthdays fall on February 29. They only get to celebrate their actual birthdays every four years. Do not miss your chance to greet them this year.

4. Leap into a party.

Mother Nature Network (MNN) suggests you can spend the day playing “leap” inspired games. Leap Frog, anyone?

5. Leap into all the shows you’re about to lose on Netflix.

According to Just Jared, a couple of movies and shows are about to expire on the streaming provider.

6. Leap into trying to capture this very moment.

MNN also suggests writing a letter to yourself to be opened on the next leap day.

7. Leap into doing something you won’t normally do.

According to BBC, it’s leap day tradition for women to propose to their boyfriends.

8. Leap…literally.

If there was ever a day to face your fears, it would be leap day. Why not skydive onto the Gold Coast of Australia? Or bungee jump at Cairns?

9. Leap into a water full of sharks.

Rentini suggests Port Lincoln is the best spot to go swimming with sharks.

10. Leap into the “most dangerous sport in the world.”

Go to Queensland and try BASE jumping.