Tony Abbott wants to terminate the Safe Schools LGBTI Program. The issue came under debate last week. Abbott has broken his silence and stepped into the debate with a resounding “no.”

According to ABC News, Abbott slams the program. The former Prime Minister claims the program isn’t “anti-bullying” but a “social engineering” program. The program was conceived whilst Abbott was prime minister and  he is now calling for it to be axed.

Labour Senator Penny Wong has also joined the debate.

“I didn’t think people would have such an issue with their children being taught acceptance and tolerance. Fundamentally, I hope most parents would be of the view that we should teach our children tolerance. That’s not a bad thing, to teach kids empathy,” Senator Wong told the ABC.

According to The Guardian, Liberal party member Ewen Jones has dislodged ties with his party to vocally back the program.

“We must address it,” Jones told reporters on Monday. Jones claims that the discourse of bullying has changed since he was in school. As a result of social media, the victim can’t escape his bully after 3 pm anymore, bullying is 24/7. Jones knocks back any claims of inappropriate language or content. Believing strongly that  awareness needs to be raised, and that support should be found for LGBTI children at schools.

The Safe Schools LGBTI Program came under review last week. Causing an outbreak of conflicting voices from senators and mp’s.

Malcolm Turnbull was under fire last week for buckling under liberal and ACL pressure to ax the program as the content was not “age appropriate”. According to the Guardian, experts have made claims that LGBTI children are the highest sufferers dealing with depression. Claims have also been made that LGBTI children are more prone to self-harm. These experts and certain politicians are stressing the importance of this program. The importance of discrimination and bullying and how its effects the lives of Australian children.