Earlier reports have revealed the return of former Prime Minister Tony Abbot into politics, but the speculations were soon dismissed by Abbott’s office.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday that Abbott has been urged by his former Chief of Staff Peta Credlin continue his political career and contest the next election to become the prime minister again. One of the Liberals told the Daily Telegraph it was difficult for an ex-PM to find a job in private sector. Hence, he indicated hope regarding Abbott’s return into the leadership in regaining or grabbing a vital ministry such as defense.

A spokesman from the office mentioned the newspaper story as “fanciful.” He added that the situation remained the same as in 2015 and Abbott will be deciding on his future during his summer break in 2016.

“Nothing has changed from what Mr. Abbott said late last year. The story in the Tele is fanciful,” the Australian Financial Review quoted the spokesman as saying.

Abbott is supposed to declare a nomination for pre-selection for his Warringah seat in the next few weeks as soon as the contest opened on Tuesday. According to the 9News, opposition Leader Bill Shorten ignored questions by mentioning Abbott’s return into politics when earlier asked about his party’s poor performance in the polling.

“I don’t know about you, but like many Australians (I) share the relief that Tony Abbott’s gone, although I notice today that a bit like the Terminator, he’s vowing to have Tony Abbott 2.0, he will be back,” he told the ABC Radio in Cairns.

Liberal frontbencher Josh Frydenberg told Sky News that he might have discussed such things during his break and he will definitely announce his decision soon. When Frydenberg was asked about whether Abbott was really rejoining politics, he said Abbott already made it clear that he would not be back to the Cabinet so soon.