Tony Abbott will have a “high-profile” role in the election, regardless of what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants.

According to acting opposition leader Tanya Plibersek, Abbott will be taking in important role in the election whether Turnbull wants him to have one or not.

“We see Tony Abbott commenting almost daily now in the newspapers about how he’s happy to support a Turnbull government, because really they’re Abbott policies that he’s supporting,” she said while talking to reporters.

Earlier, former Liberal leader John Hewson said that Abbott might haunt Turnbull during an election campaign. That is the reason he should be given a role.

The former prime minister was apt enough to establish his presence when Turnbull said that a double dissolution election might have taken place on July 2 last week. Abbott said that the government would be campaigning on policies that were introduced under his leadership.

However, former Howard government minister Peter Reith asked Abbott not to intervene in the campaign, says Sky News. According to Reith, the former prime minister would be risking his legacy.

“He’s doing himself a disservice and he’s doing a disservice to the country,” said Reith. “He really does need to keep his head down for his own sake; otherwise, he will be trashing his own reputation.”

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, he should be given the job of observing the merits, or the suggestion that Australia should have a seventh state. That might need a bit of travel to areas with very limited mobile phone coverage and internet access.

Several reports said that the former PM will govern his own marginal seat tour after being snubbed over a proper campaign role. This is likely to take place on July 2 double-dissolution election.

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Previously, he posted a picture of himself with British Prime Minister David Cameron. While offering his thoughts on national security in Quadrant magazine, he suggested that Abbott should be put to use in marginal seats.