Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tommy Chong Dead: Comedian Committed Suicide Death Hoax?

Tommy Chong Dead: Comedian Committed Suicide Death Hoax?


Comedian Tommy Chong dead has been trending on social media but the actor himself has proven that he is far from being dead.

The news about Tommy Chong dead apparently originated from posts on Facebook claiming that Chong has died. One post on Facebook claimed the 78-year-old actor committed suicide and asked the fans to pay their respects to the deceased star. Another post stated the Cheech & Chong star did not commit suicide but lost his battle with cancer.

As it turned out, the Tommy Chong dead posts are all hoaxes. Like other death hoax reports in the past, the FB posts were shared with the intention to steal personal details from social media users. Once the users click the link containing the news, it leads to a dubious website or to another Facebook page.

Chong himself denied the news. He shared a clip on his Twitter account proving that he is still alive. He also asked fans not to believe reports that he already died.

Snopes has earlier debunked the Tommy Chong dead posts. The site stated the Canadian-American comedian is very much alive. It added that the false report on the actor’s death has been circulating since December 2015. It resurfaced earlier this year and was once again brought back online this week.

Although the dead posts are all lies, Chong is indeed battling cancer. In June 2012, he revealed that he has prostate cancer.  The actor/director has been known of using cannabis to ease the pain. The comedian announced in 2013 that he is cancer-free because of various therapies including medical marijuana and hemp oil. However, three years later, the actor tweeted that cancer came back.

Chong recently sought pardon from President Barack Obama for a felony conviction for selling bongs across state lines in 2003.

The That 70’s Show is not the first celebrity who has been a victim of death hoaxes. The most recent was Brad Pitt, who allegedly committed suicide following the recent divorce filed by wife Angelina Jolie. Other victims of death hoax reports are Jaden Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey and even Jolie.

Stay tuned for more updates about Tommy Chong dead reports.