An autopsy showed that Sanaya Sahib, the toddler whose body was found in a Melbourne creek on Sunday, died due to smothering. Investigators also learned that an ambulance was called in a week before she died because she had suffered a seizure.

The toddler’s uncle, Habib Ali, said that he had dismissed the episode on April 3 as “nothing really,” but the paramedics who attended the family home on that day found that the seizure was caused due to lack of oxygen.

Sanaya’s mother, Sofina Nikat, claimed that an African man smelling of alcohol and wearing no shoes abducted her daughter at the Melbourne’s Olympic Park on Saturday while she was walking with her. The body of the 15-month-old toddler was found soon after early Sunday in Darebin creek. Police have not yet confirmed if anything could be found on the CCTV footage taken by a camera located near the park, the reported.

Nikat, 22, is said to be in a hysterical state and no one has come forward as of yet to confirm the accounts given by her. She is being kept in an undisclosed location, awaiting for an interview by the homicide squad detective.

“She’s such a cute little kid … I don’t know why this happened. Whoever done it, shame on him, he is a coward,” Ali said. Nikat and Sanaya were living with Ali after she broke up with Sanaya’s father, Sameer Sahib. Ali said that Nikat is in a state of shock and is crying a lot. “She doesn’t know what to do or what’s going on, obviously,” he said.

Neighbours and sources close to the family said on Monday that Sanaya Sahib was being raised in a dysfunctional family environment. They said that the family was in close contact with two men facing criminal charges the week before she was found dead, the Mail Online reported.

One of the charges against these two men is domestic violence including assault with a weapon. The investigators will probe the link between the family and these two men.