Tim Tebow has improved significantly as a QB, but will he make the Eagles’s 53-man roster? Sources say “Yes!”

It’s been over two months since Tebow officially signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, reviving his dream and ultimate goal of playing in the NFL. The move has been met with questions and criticism from haters, critics and NFL players alike. Some have questioned coach Chip Kelly’s decision, while others clearly said Tebow is not good enough for the league. However, there are those that still believe Timmy has it in him to play Quarterback professionally.

Eliot Shorr-Parks of NJ.com thinks Tebow will make it to this year’s regular season. In his article, the Eagles reporter said Tim “offers more” than backup QB, Matt Barkley.

“‘Tebow time’ makes it into the regular season. Why? Matt Barkley might be the better quarterback at this point, but it feels like his run in Philadelphia is over, even if he does have a strong preseason,” Shorr-Parks wrote.

“Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over, can make plays with his legs and has starting experience. His inconsistencies as a passer would be concerning if he had to start 16 games. But in spot duty, he offers more than Barkley does.”

If coach Kelly’s recent remarks are to be considered, the 6’2 QB may well be on his way to making the Eagles 2015 roster. In a recent interview, the Philly coach said Tim has shown an “incremental bump” in his skills, making QB spots for the team a “good competition.”

“I have seen an improvement from Tim since the day we got him in terms of his knowledge of what we’re doing, understanding where everybody is,” the Eagles coach told the Delaware County Daily Times. 

“In terms of learning our terminology and how we do things, I think each week you’ve seen an incremental bump in him, so we’re excited to see where that takes him and it’ll be a good competition as we get into August.”

So far, the Philadelphia Eagles minicamp and OTAs have been underway and training camp is still a few weeks away. It’s too early to tell if Tim Tebow and the Eagles will be hand-in-hand this NFL 2015 season. It’s something to keep an eye on though.