Tim Tebow seems to be showing his off-field skills with 23-year-old, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo.

According to E! News, Tim and Olivia have been dating for a month now and looks like the former Miss USA has moved on successfully since her heart-rending breakup with her boyfriend of two years Nick Jonas in June this year. A source close to the site said, “Olivia had a hard time after the break up with Nick Jonas but took time for herself and focused on work and is in a great place now.”

The 28-year-old quarterback nor his rumored girlfriend, Culpo, have spoken about their alleged new relationship. The insider also revealed to E! News that the two are trying to keep their relationship on the down low, “Tim and Olivia are dating but trying to keep out of the public eye as much as they can.”

Tebow has always been open about his strong Christian faith and has publicly credited God to be his only inspiration. He has reportedly dated actress Camilla Belle and “19 Kids and Counting” Star Jana Duggar in the past. Duggar’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, reportedly wanted Tebow to date his daughter because of his Christian beliefs, notes Christian Post.

As for Olivia, she seems to be looking forward to a healthy, committed relationship with the religious footballer and she seems to be enjoying every bit of getting acquainted with his new traits.

“She is very open to getting to know Tim and exploring the chance of something more with him,” the E! News source said.

“She is really attracted to Tim’s personality. They are having a great time with each other and are looking to spend more time once the football season slows down. Olivia is excited what’s developing as they get to know each other more.”

As far as the shy NFL star is concerned, the insider mentioned to E! news, “It’s really easy for him to talk to her. He thinks she is beyond beautiful as well. Things are new for them and exciting—it’s only been about a month.”