Tim Tebow News: Will ‘Shock’ the NFL & ‘Play a Lot’ Says Brandon Graham [Video]

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Tim Tebow will be returning to the NFL if his teammates in the Philadelphia Eagles are to be believed. According to Brandon Graham, Tebow will “shock” the league.

The Eagles training camp is just about to start on August 1 and it’s still too early to tell how the final roster of the team will look like. But if the 52-man list will be based on the mini camps and all the drills performed during the past few months, Tebow will have a sure spot in the team. Eagles outside linebacker Brandon Graham strongly believes this.

“Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people, because he is going to make the team,” Graham told  Lauren Beasley of Hot 107.5 via a YouTube videocast.

If that isn’t shocking enough for Tebow haters and scoffers, the veteran believes the quarterback will be playing good minutes for the team.

“I think he will play a lot,” Graham added.

It seems Tebow has been impressing the Eagles so far as Graham is not the only Philly player singing praises for the QB. DeMarco Murray also had great things to say about his new teammate.

“[Tebow is] a very hardworking guy. He comes to work everyday ready to compete and that’s what you can expect from him,” the running back told USA Today, adding that Tim is a “good player.”

Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly also confirmed the progress of the former Heisman Trophy winner.

“I have seen an improvement from Tim since the day we got him in terms of his knowledge of what we’re doing, understanding where everybody is,” the coach revealed.

Since his last season in the NFL in 2013, Tim has been working on his throwing and passing. He has worked with for Major League pitcher, Tom House, for close to two years and continues to work on his skills every day.

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