Tim Tebow First NFL Game on Sunday; Eagles Expect Him to Impress

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Tim Tebow is set to play his first NFL pre-season game on Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles are hopeful that the quarterback will impress them and the fans this weekend.

The Eagles will face the Indianapolis Colts for their pre-season opener at the Lincoln Financial Field. The 1 pm game will be Tebow’s first pre-season in two years after suiting up for the New England Patriots on Aug 29, 2013, before he was released by the team.

After impressing his teammates and coach during the mini camp, CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank says Tebow was so-so during the training camp — “a little inconsistent, a little erratic, a little all over the place.”

However, knowing Tim’s type of game, he is expected to perform well during the match, regardless of his practice performance.

“Some guys can look great in 7-on-7 — wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks — and then when you get the pads on it’s a different ballgame, man. Football’s a different sport and I know Tebow lives for that stuff. He’s a tough dude and I’m anxious to see what he can do,” Eagles Reciever Riley Cooper told CSN Philly.

Philadelphia offensive coordinator Pat Schurmur also believes the former Heisman Trophy winner may show a side of his game he hasn’t during their NovaCare Complex drills.

“[In practice] I can see Tim zone reading something, pulling it, and then the whistle sort of gets blown here and he might run a guy over [if the whistle wasn’t blown], so you never know,” Shurmur told CSN Philly.

“So that kind of uncontrolled-type stuff. We could run a naked [boot] and [see him] get out on the perimeter [with] a guy hanging off him and making a throw. You know, all that type of stuff that you say, ‘Wow, that was really a terrific, athletic play.’ That kind of stuff.”

While the QB hasn’t played a regular season match since 2012, his star hasn’t fainted yet and Tebowmania is still on. According to Fox Sports, since Tebow joined the team, fan attendance during practices have grown  larger.

Earlier this week, a fan had one of the most unusual items signed by the athlete — a bible.

“Tebow graciously accepted the fan’s request. There’s not much that Tebow won’t do for his fans, especially those who have been with him from the start,” Fox Sports noted.

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