Tim Tebow Finally Joins Philadelphia Eagles Roster? Top Reasons Why He Should Make Line Up

Tim Tebow is one of the most famous football players in the world, despite being two years removed from the NFL. And while many question the Quarterback’s skill on the field, there are still enough reasons for the Philadelphia Eagles to keep Tebow in their 52-man roster.

We listed the Top Reasons why Tim Tebow should make the Eagles roster for the NFL 2015 season.

  1. Tim Tebow Will Thrive at Two-Point Conversions

Tebow is known to be a mobile QB and some even see him as a probable running back, so with the new two-point conversion rule in the NFL, Timmy might have found his place in the league.

In his two season with the Denver Broncos, the QB scored 12 rushing touchdowns, four of which came from the two-yard (and less) line. “He was also two-for-two on two-point conversions — both rushes,” USA Today noted.

  1. Tebow is More Valuable Than Matt Barkley 

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has confirmed “improvement from Tim”, even going on to say that battle for the rosters are “a good competition” with the 6’2 QB around.

Barkley has been a serviceable backup, but there isn’t much to it. Tim, on the other hand, has mobility and has starting and playoff experience. Plus, as Pro Football Talk noted, Coach Chip does have a unique way of evaluating players which could have him seeing something more from Tebow.

  1. He has been Working Hard on his Throw

NFL fans who think Tom Brady and Drew Brees are some of the best QBs in the league should be happy to know that the former Heisman Trophy winner has worked closely with Tom House, a former major league baseball pitcher who has worked with both Brady and Brees on their passing.

“He’s been pretty much a regular since he was released by the Patriots,” House told Bleacher Report in March.

“He was probably the strongest quarterback that I have ever worked with…He came to get better with accuracy; he came to get better at spinning the ball. He’s doing that with me.”

  1. He’s Still Very Popular with the Fans

Some may find this a detriment than an advantage, but in a branding point of view, who doesn’t a player who brings in big bucks for the team every game?

Tebowmania is still strong that shortly after announcing that he signed with the Eagles, Tim Tebow jersey sales zoomed to incredible numbers. In June, his Eagles jersey was the 16th best-selling jersey, beating Marshawn Lynch (20) and Tony Romo (24), notes CBS Sports.

  1. He’s a Great Role Model

Yes, we know skills are at the top of any NFL franchise list, and no one should make the roster just because they’re a good person. But honestly, the sports universe has enough Floyd Mayweather Juniors, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone in the league — or in the world of sports for that matter — that kids could look up to. Someone like Tim Tebow.


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