With Tilt, Australian students can save money for a party bus or for other activities and gifts through its iOS and Android apps. The app was founded in U.S. in 2012 but it was officially launched in Australia on Tuesday.

The startup company named Crowdfunding launched the Tilt targeting young people, especially university students to pool money for various activities.

However, Tilt works a little differently from other apps like Kickstarter. Mashable Australia notes that the app allows its users to collect money from friends or their immediate social network, as told by the Tilt’s country manager Harrison Uffindell.

“You can see who chipped in, you can see which friends are going. You can leave comments and upload photos,” Uffindell said.

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The app was launched in Australia in October 2015 having a team of two on the ground, and started recruiting University ambassadors across the country. This was the tactic used by Tilt to spread the word among its target audience.

The app now has 200 ambassadors spread across Australia. Uffindell stated that the students don’t need to get involved with the spruiking of services as they were simply “power users” who wanted to be involved with an exciting startup.

He had also said, “There are a lot of keen students. Students are always on the lookout for the next big thing.”

Tilt has been used by the sporting clubs and university societies to sell event tickets in Australia.

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“Students are a good early focus for us in the market because Tilt grows really well community by community,” Uffindell said.  He believes that its appeal is broader.

“People are using Tilt for hens nights, raising money for wedding gifts and to give their parents a holiday,” he said.

While the app is free to download, it seems to be a good idea for students to raise money as it is also free. He had also notified that the company earns through its business offering.

“Businesses will often use Tilt to engage and reach their users. Typically, doing things to sell tickets to a big event or to sell merchandise, said Uffindell. For that service, Crowdfunding company charges a 2.5-percent commission.