It is rumoured that we might witness Heimdall’s death in “Thor 3 Ragnarok”.

Ecumenical News stated a possibility that the Asgard gatekeeper, portrayed by Idris Elba, will die in the next “Thor” film. He is supposed to be defeated by Hela, the Norse goddess of death. Thor’s friend is speculated to die in an attempt to save Thor’s hammer Mjolnir from being destroyed.

Even in death, Elba’s character as well as other vanquished Asgardian warriors will return as souls in order to challenge the incoming threat to Asgard. As it stands, these are not confirmed yet – including the likelihood that Elba will reprise such role.

There are also speculations reported in Collider about Cate Blanchett’s inclusion in the third “Thor” movie. There are talks that she will portray Hela, supposed Loki’s new partner and vanquisher of Heimdall. As expected from the beautiful queen of the Underworld, she employs black magic especially the Touch of Death along with reincarnation capabilities.

It is said that she will be allied with Thor’s rival and brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, and both are bent at sowing chaos in Asgard. The details of their unholy quest still remains to be seen. One such rumoured mission is the destruction of the Thor’s beloved weapon and death of the gatekeeper as mentioned earlier.

With regards to fallen Asgardians, fans expect “Thor 3” to tackle the issue of Odin’s absence. As it stands, Odin’s actor Anthony Hopkins is not included in the list of cast. Although the King of Asgard was killed by Loki without anyone else knowing, it is expected that the upcoming movie should do well to explain his sudden disappearance.

Since most Marvel movies are paving the way for the 2018 Infinity War film, there are hearsay that the Norse superhero movie will include either Time Stone or Soul Stone.

“Thor: Ragnarok” will be released on November 3, 2017.