If The Hulk is your favorite character and has been attracted to his primal instincts, then you should know that a major change of the character in “Thor 3: Ragnarok” is in the works.

Quint from Ain’t It Cool News was able to score an interview with The Hulk himself–Mark Ruffalo–and got a key answer regarding the future of the character in other Marvel films. A notable aspect of this is that fans may be seeing a new version of the green monster/Bruce Banner in “Thor 3” than that of the character’s comic version. The website quotes the actor in saying:

“Now I feel like we’re kind of in No Man’s Land. I mean, the comic books have kind of broached the subject, but we’re moving away from the traditional Hulk/Banner relationship. We’re starting to mess with it a little bit.”

Since Ruffalo cannot divulge any concrete information regarding details of his character or any of the Marvel films, audiences won’t be able to know how far the Marvel Cinematic Universe is willing to deviate from the source material until ‘Thor 3″ comes out.

However, Cinema Blend relays a piece of Ruffalo’s interview which could hint at the kind of transformation The Hulk/Bruce Banner will undergo.

The website quotes the actor as follows:

“It’s very subtle, but the Banner/Hulk consciousness is beginning to meld a little bit. Who decided to leave? Was it Banner or Hulk? It’s not really in the (cinematic) mythology of Hulk up until that moment to be that conscious and pro-active.”

Cinema Blend analyzes this information by first giving a background of the original Hulk. According to the website, The Hulk is ruled by his instincts. Therefore, if Hulk’s and Banner’s consciousness will “meld”–as per the clue given by Ruffalo–then CB thinks that The Hulk would be better in control of himself.

This raises the question on whether a new kind of superhero will come out as a result of this melding.

Whatever that transformation will be, fans will have to endure a longer waiting game because “Thor 3: Ragnarok” will not be out in theaters until November 3, 2017.