Everyone needs a break sometimes and so does the mighty “Thor.” Chris Hemsworth took a trip to different Australia tourist spots along with his wife and kids. Tourism Australia hopes that his album might attract people to travel to the country.

They spent 10 days travelling Australia. Their holiday became a part of the Tourism Australia campaign created to attract tourists to Australia. Tourism Australia hopes that the snaps will be shared by millions on social media, hoping that the fans on the internet will lure tourists to the country.

Hemsworth is seen holding a snake on his shoulder against Uluru in one of the snaps, states Daily Mail. It is captioned “My album cover, called ‘snakes and the big rock’ #seeaustralia @australia #exploreuluru,” and has been liked by more than 250,000 fans on Instagram. Tourism Australia hopes that the lovely family album will create enough buzz for international tourists to visit the country.

Other snaps show them posing in Uluru, exploring Kimberly or spending time at Whitehaven beach. They drove along the beach and took a helicopter ride. They paddled out to the rock pools and had a great time at a teppanyaki restaurant. However, the family was tired by the end of their trip. A photo posted by Elsa Pataky shows the kids sleeping on Hemsworth. “Nothing better than sleeping in Papa’s arms!” reads the caption. News.com.au reveals that Chris Hemsworth thoroughly loved his Aussie holiday. 

My album cover, called "snakes and the big rock" #seeaustralia @australia #exploreuluru

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And the God of teppanyaki said "let there be light" @elsapatakyconfidential 📸photo credit @nicole__foster 🙌

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“In the Kimberley we went fishing in one particular spot that could’ve rivalled Jurassic Park (with) crocodiles, snakes, buffalo and an abundance of other amazing native wildlife,” he said.

“Growing up in Australia, you can sometimes take it all for granted. But after being away for ten years and coming back … this experience reminded me how unique and impressive Australia is and how lucky we are. Australia really does have it all,” he added.