Australia News Network had reported earlier about the upcoming third “Thor” movie, “Thor: Ragnarok”, is expected to transform the trend of villainous male characters by introducing a female villain. There were rumors that this role would land with Cate Blanchett. And a recent quote from Mark Ruffalo at the BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party has only increased speculations of Blanchett being confirmed for the role.

According to ETonline, this is what the actor said when questioned about Blanchett, “I’m so thrilled. I saw her at the Governors’ banquet here and heard that maybe she was circling, they were talking to her about the part, so I ran up to her and I was like, ‘Please, please, please make this work! She’s just one of the best, and to have her play a baddie is going to be really exciting,”

There is not much in confirmation about the film’s villainess, either in terms of character or even the actor playing it. However, IGN says that, if Cate Blanchett is confirmed at all, then she will play either the role of Amora the Enchantress or Hela the Goddess of Death.

USA Today quoted Cate saying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, actually. After every film, you think: ‘OK, I’m done, I’m done now, that’s enough.’” When the lady was specifically asked if we will see her in “Thor: Ragnarok”, she told USA Today, “I would love that. I’d love to get fit and punch people.”

In addition to the introduction of a female villain, this third installment of the “Thor” movie will see Hulk prominently. Hulk and the Norse God, Thor, will be taking a cosmic road trip in this third installment. “Thor: Ragnarok” is expected to hit the screens by November next year and will see Chris Hemsworth reprising his role of Thor, the God of Thunder and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk.