The Wrong Girl trailer featured the brand-new series of Channel 10. By the looks of it, audiences have another winner for their viewing pleasure.

The Wrong Girl is the TV adaptation of the 2014 bestselling novel by Zoe Foster-Blake. The chick lit features the story of a heroine as she goes through the ups and downs of modern life. Hence, it would likely strike a chord among audiences. According to Mama Mia, Channel 10 has yet to announce the premiere date for its brand-new series. Until then, here is what we know about The Wrong Girl to bring you up to speed on it.

Actress Jessica Marais plays the lead role Lily. Her television credits include Packed To The Rafters and Carlotta. According to Ten Play, her character works as a cooking segment producer on a morning television show. This could possibly explain her frantic dash to make it in time for an important meeting. Yet aside from her career struggles, her romantic dilemma would also catch the attention of audiences.

The two men troubling her heart are her best friend Pete (Ian Meadows) and Jack (Rob Collins), the new chef on the show. However, the presence of her flat mate Simone seems to stir any chance for love in the other direction. Hence, the title The Wrong Girl.

Yet the series is not all about heartache as it also has its share of funny moments. A familiar face that audiences would encounter is Hamish Blake, who happens to be the husband of The Wrong Girl novelist. From the trailer, it is likely that he plays the weatherman on the morning television show. His character’s exchange with Lily could indicate the kind of humor to expect from the series. Hence, it is a must see.

Watch the trailer for The Wrong Girl.