The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is going to be bloody, really bloody.

AMC released a sneak peak of Season 7 during the recent New York Comic-Con. Of course it showed the event right after the previous season finale. The clip did not reveal the person who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed. However, it showed the villain taunting Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who is covered with blood.

In the clip, Rick could be heard saying he is going to kill Negan someday.  Negan is disappointed with Rick’s tone and asked his fellow Savior Simon for Rick’s hatchet.

The teaser sparked speculations on who Negan killed in the Season 7 premiere. Many fans believe someone at Rick’s right side has been severely bloodied up or possibly dead since Rick was seen soaking in blood. Some fans on Twitter also noticed something on the ground that appears to be an engagement ring. However, it does not look like Maggie’s ring.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peak below.

Morgan earlier hinted that Negan’s victim was not Rick, Daryl or Glenn. So who could it be?

It has been reported that AMC filmed death scenes involving everyone in Negan’s death lineup and could use any of them at the last moment. Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Abraham, Maggie, Michonne, Aaron, Eugene and Rosita were among those who are threatened to be killed.

During the TWD’s New York Comic Con panel, the cast and executive producers gave a few hints on what to expect in the premiere. TWD star Lauren Cohan said, “It’s so unexpected, jarring and destabilizing in a way we’ve never had. The story that comes from this year is insane. We were completely knocked off our feet, literally. We’ll see how people deal with what they could and should and would have done as we go through.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on AMC on October 23. The live after show, The Talking Dead, airs immediately after.