Thursday, September 29, 2016

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoiler: First Death Revealed by Daryl!

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoiler: First Death Revealed by Daryl!


If you are one of the fans eagerly awaiting “ The Walking Dead” Season 7’s new updates, then here is a recent one. The season, which is believed to be released on TV screens during the last quarter of this year, will show one of the main characters’ death, according to series star Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon.

Previously, we gave an update on Norman’s interview with TV Line, where he teased fans with some information about the upcoming series. Here comes another revelation straight from the horse’s mouth.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 left the viewers with a huge cliffhanger. While we will surely ponder who the menacing Negan took out until the premiere airs, the words of actor Reedus comes as an elating factor.  In the interview, he promises fans the return of the show will make the waiting worthwhile.  “I will definitely 100 percent say that it’s well worth the wait. It’s large. It’s mind blowing,” he said.

Cinema Blend says that after everything we’ve seen up to this point, it takes a lot for “The Walking Dead” to really blow our minds. This means a major happening needs to be featured to make it more intriguing.

The Walking Dead on
The Walking Dead on AMC

In such scenario, chances are high that we may have to bid a final goodbye to one of the mainstays of the show. Now the question arises: who will bite the dust?

The Season 6 finale showed one of them becoming batting practice for Negan’s signature weapon Lucille.

Is it Denise who will encounter a surprise arrow death?  Well, that will be no less than a blow to the viewers.

Next comes Glenn or Daryl who will be most likely killed by Negan in the opening scene itself. These two, along with Michonne and Rosita, were taken by the Saviors before the events of the finale. They were held in captivity with a sack over their heads. After Glenn’s death hoax earlier that season, and in view of his comic book character’s death, it seems that the pizza delivery boy is going to die soon.

We hope that the show runners are not planning to kill any of the supporting cast like Rosita or Eugene. Losing them would be sad. However, it is nothing new on the show. We have seen frequent deaths of the supporting characters in the previous seasons.  Norman Reedus explained that he can’t disclose the identity of Negan’s prey since his reel-life and real-life ethics do not allow that.

This is sure to have heightened the excitement of the fans of “The Walking Dead” and they must be having a tough time remaining calm until the horror drama premieres in October this year as predicted.

  • BarbieG54

    All I can say is better not be Glenn! If anyone deserves better than to die at the hands of this fruitcake it’s him..He’s the only one that stayed loyal from the very beginning of the show. He was the one that saved Rick in the very beginning when he was in that tank or whatever. He’s the only one that didn’t have second thoughts and stayed himself through it all.. Even Daryl , the heartthrob that he is went off with those goofy guys at one point, Morgan is on some kind of hippie trip, Abraham wanted to leave everyone behind at the church and BTW it was Glenn who talked him out of it. Rick himself is a loose cannon. Eugene was strange from day one.This quack has nothing to gain by killing one of the girls or Carl. That would only confirm he’s a sissy..not that we don’t already know it. Can you see the Governor going Eeenie , Meenie..etc?? NOT! I do all the cooking for our groups Walking Dead parties every week…Huge spread. Guess what? If it’s Glenn?? The TV is going off and that’s the end of the Walking Dead parties and watching the show. PERIOD!

  • Coast

    A non article bordering on “click bait”.
    I am sorry I fell for an article that mislead in the headline and restated what ever other article has said. Nothing new is gong to be revealed until the show begins again

  • BarbieG54

    The only thing we have going is the “bang” theory. If you noticed the person who got hit didn’t have hair hanging in their face… Thus hopefully it eliminates Glenn, Daryl, Rick, Carl. Leaving Arron, Abraham and Eugene…:(