Miley Cyrus quits ‘The Voice’?  The reason allegedly is her feud with Adam Levine. Rumors have it that Cyrus has been the subject of constant bullying by the show’s veteran coach.  The bullying has reached a point where she is always in tears according to such rumors.

Because things are reportedly getting worse between Miley and her fellow ‘Voice’ coach, she is supposedly not going back to the said NBC singing show after Season 11. This would mean that her first season on the series is also going to be her last.

A source told In Touch Weekly magazine this week that Cyrus is already dying to leave the show. According to an insider the feud between the two coaches is now so bad that the actress has had enough. Cyrus allegedly has not been getting along well with the rest of her co-stars as well since she joined the series earlier in 2016. Aside from Levin, Cyrus’s other co-stars in the singing show are Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys.

Other sources on the other hand are claiming such news that Miley Cyrus quits ‘The Voice’ is nothing but a hoax. According to Gossip Cop, “She is not going to leave the Voice because of a made-up disagreement with the other coaches.” The website has supposedly investigated the issue further and learned from a very reliable source that Cyrus is not at all quitting. The truth, according to the source, is that she loves the experience and gets along very well with all her fellow coaches.

Miley Cyrus quits ‘The Voice’– is it for real? Probably or probably not since Cyrus herself has been tight-lipped about reports that this will be her first and last season on the show. Both she and Levine have also not officially commented on their supposed to be nasty feud, so far.