“The Voice” Season 10 team adviser Gwen Stefani allegedly had an “explosive” fight on set and she allegedly wishes that the show will terminate her contract. Who is she fighting with?

The in-the-know source told Radar Online that the No Doubt singer had an argument with NBC execs who run the competition regarding her status on the show. According to the insider, she is furious about not being picked as a permanent judge when Aguilera reportedly declared that this will be her last season.

Instead, the showrunners offered the seat to Miley Cyrus, who is set to sit on the big red chair when Season 11 arrives. “Gwen is livid that she was not asked to replace Christina on ‘The Voice’ next season,” says source.

“And because of this she wants to quit the show altogether. She and Blake seem to feel that Christina was responsible for this because she wanted to piss Gwen off,” the insider continued, “and it did!”

The alleged beef between Stefani and Christina Aguilera started when the “Beautiful” singer started throwing tantrums on the set because of Stefani and Shelton’s PDA. Their on-screen romance has been beneficial to the show as stated from previous reports.

Aguilera’s fume against Stefani has said to still be ongoing when she reportedly said that the rock star has no vocal talent and does not deserve to be a judge or a team adviser for “The Voice.” She was just there because of her country crooner boyfriend.

Notably, Shelton and Stefani suddenly became lovers while both are coaching on the previous season. The mom of three temporarily sat on Aguilera’s chair while she was on leave.

Their relationship became public and since then, rumours about their real status swirl on the Internet. Aguilera thinks that they are stealing the spotlight from her, hence, the tantrums, Mirror notes.

The involved individuals are yet to address the issue so stay tuned for more news about “The Voice.”