The catfight is on! It has been alleged that “The Voice” Judge Christina Aguilera doesn’t like singer Gwen Stefani. Sources say she feels Stefani is not talented. However, the real reason might be something else.

Christina Aguilera has made her feelings for Gwen Stefani known on innumerable occasions. Not only does she not like the Team Blake mentor, she even wants her to be thrown out. According to Radar Online, Aguilera is just furious.

Sources close to the site have revealed that Aguilera has started throwing tantrums on the set. The singer wants Stefani ‘out of the picture.’ “She said that Gwen is ‘not vocally talented’ and would not be on the show at all anymore if it was not for her relationship with Blake,” explained the source.

However, the real reason behind these tantrums is not Stefani per se but something else. It has been rumoured that the root cause of Judge Aguilera vs Judge Blake Shelton and mentor Stefani feud is a “bonus.” Mirror has revealed that “The Voice” bosses have allegedly offered Shelton and Stefani “huge bonuses” to flaunt their relationship. Unknown sources have told the publication that producers expect team Shelton to steam ahead with their PDA and give viewers a love bonanza complete with loved up duets and the works.

Apparently, Aguilera hates all of this. ANN had earlier reported that she is already fed up with the duo’s shameless public display of affection. The singer has allegedly threatened the team of an exit if their PDA will not be reprimanded.

However, Shelton is unfazed with all that is happening around him. Inquisitr informs that the star has decided to focus on all things positive and that includes Stefani and his relationship with her. “Blake really does not care what (Christina Aguilera) does or says,” another source close to Inquistir told the publication. “He is a completely different person now because of Gwen, so much more laid-back. He said that he’s grateful the show is the reason that he and Gwen found each other,” the source added.