“The Simpsons” Season 27 character Waylon Smithers is finally coming out. In what has been the worst-kept secret in television, Smithers. (voiced by Harry Shearer)  opens up in front of the viewers and discloses about his sexual orientation. The episode 17 titled, “The Burns Cage” reveals that Junior Waylon is gay.

According to relevant sources, it is believed that the instalment is inspired by the personal story of one of The Simpsons writers Rob LaZebnik’s 21-year-old son, Johnny.  Rob considers the best way of expressing his love for his kid through writing a cartoon about it, reports Metro.

The longtime show writer also revealed that he showed an early version of the script to his son, who gave feedback and his approval.

“He once sent me an e-mail, and the header was just ‘How does Grindr work?’ I screenshotted and Instagrammed it and sent it to all my gay friends because it made me laugh so much,” Johnny said, according to Metro.

The new Simpsons episode shows Smithers, ultimately admitting his unanswered love for his boss, Charles Montgomery Burns. Mr. Burns’s voice work is also done by Harry Shearer.  Burns so far has never been reciprocated anything like that. The episode though is aiming for a low-key reveal. That’s when Homer Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) gets involved to play matchmaker, and as viewers get to see, Homer is not in search of women for his lovelorn supervisor.

Waylon Smithers’ sexual preference has been a topic of debate in “The Simpsons” ever since the show hinted that he is infatuated with  his boss Mr. Burns. While his sexuality has deliberately been kept unclear, there have been a lot of tip-offs that he is gay along the way. The character hangs out in Springfield’s gay district, vacations at an all-male resort, wears rainbow striped shortie shorts.