Set against the haunting southern Tasmanian landscape, Foxtel Original Drama, The Kettering Incident is getting more interesting with every episode. The current status of this Australian drama is full of mystery where everyone is a suspect.

The spoilers for episode 5 have some unexpected revelation about Anna’s father Roy. Is he the culprit behind all the uncanny happenings in Kettering?

The Kettering Incident episode 5 titled as The Forest, is about to give the haunted drama a major twist. The spoilers for the upcoming installment highlight a few more strange events.

At the hospital, Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) discovers the blood test for Kade is missing and is unsettled to find strange activist Jens (Damon Gameau) the activist there. While Anna’s father Roy Macy (Anthony Phelan) sets up for his retirement celebration, Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez) lays blame on him of being corrupt.

He also accuses Roy of hiding secrets that led to Anna being sent away. Does that mean all the childhood traumas of Anna are being fabricated by her father? Or does he know the truth of missing Gillian?

Anna Macy left Kettering at 14, shortly after her best friend Gillian mysteriously disappeared. Now that she (Anna) has returned, another young girl is dead. So far we have been suspecting Anna for all these disturbances. Even the episode 4 (The Mill) of The Kettering Incident put all doubts on Anna. We saw her visiting Mother Sullivan’s Ridge after discovering that Chloe is dead at her father’s milling plant.

She managed to take a blood sample from the young wild boy Kade. We would like to remind you Anna noticed some strange markings on his body earlier, report The Australian.

Meanwhile, Dutch revealed the truth of her relationship with Gillian, raising doubts about her actions 15 years ago. She even tried to leave Kettering. Now the new spoiler for episode 5 is diverting the focus from Anna to her father Roy and puts him under prime suspicion.

The story of The Kettering Incident is created and portrayed brilliantly. A major share of the credit lies with creators Victoria Madden and Vincent Sheehan. They have put every ingredient to elate the viewers. It is still not known whether there are aliens in the forest or is there something really supernatural at the heart of the mystery of Kettering?

The Kettering Incident airs every Monday on Showcase at 8.30 pm.