“The Good Wife” teased secrets are now about to be revealed as the show bid farewell to its viewers in the finale episode Sunday (May 8) night.

“The Good Wife” creators Michelle and Robert King revealed the series finale will be unpredicted and startling but a necessary one.

“It should be surprising but inevitable. That’s a very difficult bar to hit, so… be kind. I hope viewers will feel like they want to start at the beginning of the series again. I hope it’s like Finnegans Wake, where the end leads them right back to the beginning,” King told Entertainment Weekly.

In last week’s episode, Governor Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) has declared that he is innocent of corruption charges but still chose to take a deal  –  two year’s imprisonment instead of risking 10 years if found guilty, Fox News reported.

“There’s no good answer, is there?” he told his wife, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). He then got a phone call, which suggests jury had reached a verdict. Will Peter be found guilty and face imprisonment? Will Alicia stand by him once again?

Don’t miss “The Good Wife” season 7 finale Sunday night (May 8) at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Meanwhile, Michelle Kang also revealed how they keep Will Gardner’s death a secret.

“We were very fortunate in that the crew honored the show. Everyone who knew, including background actors, honored the show. They knew for months, and everyone chose to keep it quiet,” she said.

“We also credit CBS, which really understood the need, creatively, to keep it secret. We’re still a little confused by how they did it,” Robert King added.

He also talked about the legacy they hope the CBS legal drama series will leave behind after seven seasons.

“I do think people will think of the show in terms of its multidimensional female characters. It might also be thought of as a gravestone on the 22-episodes-a-year paradigm,” he said.