Previous episode of The Flash Season 3 revealed that Jesse Wells will be back from Earth-2 with her father, Harrison Wells. She was first introduced as Jesse Quick, who became a speedster like Barry Allen last season.

Acoording to Violett Beane, who plays Jesse Quick, the character returns to the show a little too excited with her superpowers and she might let things get out of hand.  

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said that the Flashpoint did not affect the Earth-2 where Jesse and her father came from. They will be the same Harry and Jesse seen last season. 

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However, when asked if her superpowers were a result of Flashpoint, she said, “As far as Flashpoint goes, I’m pretty sure it only affects one world, the world that Barry changed the timeline for. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t carry over to other worlds.”

The accelerator explosion made Jesse’s superpowers  last season. With Harry being the overprotective father, he wants Barry Allen to train Jesse in controlling her powers. Despite that, Jesse will have difficulties in handling her powers upon her return.  

As an added bonus, Comic Book reports that Jesse Quick might have her own superhero costume.

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“Yeah, I think that’s going to happen. One of the promo shots is Harry and Jesse sitting there and there’s a box,” said Beane. The box might contain Jesse’s costume and it’s something that fans should not miss.

Unfortunately ,despite the excitement that Beane has on Jesse’s role in the show, she will only have a few episodes this season. Jesse and her father might end up going back to Earth-2 where they have to deal with situations they had left back home.

Watch this week’s trailer of The Flash ‘Magenta’ episode below:

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