“The Division” release date is still almost a year from now, but this doesn’t stop gamers from talking about Tom Clancy’s next installment. We have the list of everything you should know about the awaited game so far.

“The Division” Gameplay & Plot

The title is a third-person shooter Role Playing Game set in an open world dystopian New York City. With a pandemic sweeping the city and cutting off basic services, the society is left without food and water. It’s now up to a group of tactical agents to save the society.

“The Division” features co-op gaming where “time of day and weather conditions impacts your gaming experience,” the game’s official site described. The environment can also be used to the gamer’s advantage when fighting off enemies. Customizable characters and gears are also available.

New Trailer & “The Dark Zone”

The latest “The Division” trailer featured the multiplayer mode set in “The Dark Zone”. This area of the game is a “walled-off quarantine zone in the middle of Manhattan where the most valuable loot was left behind when the military evacuated.”

Gamers can team up with each other online and take down other teams for the best loot in the game. Teams can also steal each other’s loot.

“The Dark Zone is where the military tried to contain the pandemic. It didn’t work out,” associate creative director Julian Gerighty.explained, notes Game Informer.

“They had to abandon it. They built a huge gate around it. And all of the equipment is still in there. So that’s particularly motivating not only for you as an agent to get that equipment, to be able to use it outside of the Dark Zone, but it’s also very attractive to the enemy factions.”

“The Division” Release Date

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Tom Clancy video game will be releasing on March 8, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

“The Division” beta will be released starting December 2015.